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  • Oil Service

Inspection I


  • Change oil and filter
  • Install service reminder
  • Check and top off all fluids
  • Check protection level of antifreeze/coolant
  • Check water pump for wear
  • Check all belts, hoses, fuel and brake lines. Check timing belt for proper service interval.(3 series up to 1991 and convertible up to 1993, 5 series prior to 1991).
  • Check engine, transmission, differential and transfer case mounts (if equipped).
  • Perform valve adjustment (early production BMW’s , 2001-2006 M3, and M-Z4
  • Check for fluid leaks
  • Replace charcoal activated cabin air filter (most models 1992 and newer)


  • Check tires for proper tread depth and inflation pressure including spare.
  • Check axle boots (Front CV boots if all wheel drive)
  • Check ball joints, control arms and inner/outer tie-rods for looseness
  • Check springs for corrosion or breakage
  • Check wheels for bends or cracks
  • Check control arm and trailing arm bushings
  • Check exhaust system for leaks and proper mounting
  • Check undercarriage and suspension
  • Check brake lining thickness and emergency brake adjustment

Body & Electrical:

  • Check all lights and replace necessary bulbs
  • Check instruments for proper function and illumination
  • Check condition of wipers
  • Tighten wiper arms and aim washer jets
  • Load test battery and check charging system
  • Lube door hinges and latches
  • Perform diagnostic readout of all computerized systems.
  • Check A/C for proper cooling
  • Check convertible top operation if equipped
  • Check power windows for proper operation (slow or noisy)
  • Check body for corrosion
  • Reset service lights, counter, or CBS (condition based service indicator)
  • Road test with check of brakes, suspension, and alignment

Inspection II

 Includes: All items included for Inspection I and the following

  • Replace Fuel filter
  • Replace engine air filter
  • Change transmission fluid (manual and early models without lifetime fluid)
  • Check automatic transmission fluid level & condition
  • Change oil in differential (s)
  • Change oil in transfer case if all wheel drive and reset/calibrate x-drive if equipped
  • Replace sparkplugs
  • Flush brake fluid
  • Flush cooling system


BMW Pre-Purchase Inspection Services
  • Visual check of the body to determine if the vehicle has received any paint or repair work or if there is any rust or corrosion in hidden areas not accessible to the customer. There are many ways for the technician to determine whether the vehicle has been in a major or even minor accident by tell tale signs such as parts that still have the tags on them, paint lines, overspray, etc. Several low-end body shops will cut corners to make more money especially on an insurance repair and they will often use sub-standard parts and fasteners to complete the job in an economical and timely fashion.
  • Road test your BMW to determine the integrity of the steering, suspension, and braking systems to better assess the comfort and safety of the vehicle.
  • BMW Diagnostic readout of major systems such as; ABS, airbag, transmission, engine, and climate control systems.
  • Visual check of the engine compartment and undercarriage for leaks of all components such as; Fuel system, engine, transmission, power steering, hydraulic system, differential(s),transfer case(if all-wheel drive),cooling system. Check the integrity and function of all suspension components; struts, shocks, ball joints, etc. These checks will assure that the vehicle is in proper order to pass the state emission and safety inspections.
  • Fluids are checked for level and condition to determine whether the vehicle has received the proper scheduled maintenance.
  • BMW Maintenance records and warranty repair history is reviewed.
  • Check for the installation of sub-standard parts.
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